Youth, Community and Camps

Summer camps, community events, and youth programs offer some of the most important and impactful growth and learning for people. Outside of the classroom walls, there is a freedom to explore, play, socialize, mix and mingle, and relate to the world in a different way than we do day to day. These opportunities have so much to offer for children and youth to learn, discover, grow and forge lasting friendships and relationships.

The learning which happens on the sunny days of summer, under the stars or around a camp fire, on the baseball pitch, exploring a new gadget, or while singing our favorite tunes in the lunch room, is a learning which many people cherish because it is in these moments that we discover so much about ourselves. For many people these moments shape their identity and become hallmark memories which last a life time.

Musical IQ’s interactive music and rhythm programs are a perfect fit for your youth, community and camp event. Imagine your whole group making music together in mellifluous harmony! Even without any prior musical experience, we’ll have your group in bliss making music together.

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Summer Camp 2016

Sunshine Summer Tour

Every year Musical IQ runs the “Sunshine Summer Tour”, a seasonal event with a focus on programs specifically  tailored  for summer camps – both day camps and sleep away camps.  In addition to our regular program offerings, we will also be running our summer special – Camp Fire Musical Experience – a high energy performance comprising music from all corners of the world. This program is a great compliment to our other workshops.


Tristate Camp Conference 2017


Once again, we are excited and looking forward to be a part of the (ACA) American Camp Association Tristate Camp Conference. Tristate is always a highlight of the year for us, as we get to reconnect and catch up with friends as well as share our goals and news for the upcoming summer season.

We look forward to see you in Atlantic City. Details to follow…


ACA Business Affiliation – A Symbol of Commitment


Musical IQ is proud to share that we have become an official ACA Business Affiliate. In keeping with our vision to deepen our relationship with the camp community, we are looking forward to share our new and exciting line up of musical programs with your camp this coming summer camp season.

Learn more: Musical IQ ACA Business Affiliation