What people are saying about Musical IQ …

“Musical IQ was one of the best special performances that we’ve seen at our camp in a long time. Our campers, counselors, and adult staff all loved the performances. It was a unique interactive and communal experience for everyone, which is exactly what we were looking for. ” Barbara Moran, Camp Director – Camp Deeny Riback – Summer 2013 – Flanders, NJ

“I got a little emotional seeing the excitement and pure joy on our campers faces. Musical IQ was amazing, it was a phenomenal show. Our campers loved the presentation and enjoyed the interactive parts of the show. Even our staff were memorized. The performers were polite, kind, patient, and well prepared. I can’t wait to have Musical IQ back at Oasis again next year. Thank you so much!”Samantha Pavlakos – Oasis Day Camp – July 2015 – Madison NJ

“The Musical IQ experience was one of the best shows that we have brought to our center. It was very interactive and children of all abilities were able to fully participate. The children and staff really enjoyed the show. We can’t wait to have them come again.” RUBY HOLLINGSWORTH – THE LEARNING CIRCLE YMCA – July 2016 – Summit, NJ

“It was fabulous! It was very interactive and the kids loved it. The children ranged from 2-5 and each age group was involved and focused on the program!”Peggy Swayne – Westchester Tremont Day Care Center – October 2018

“What a wonderful, fun, unique, and memorable learning experience for my preschoolers.  The smile on my students’ faces said it all!” Jessica Dreyfus – Reade Street Prep – March 2015 – New York, NY

“It was amazing. It was well organized and structured. The teachers and students LOVED it! I can’t think of anything that could make it better.” Sheena Sullivan – Unity Charter School – Oct 2015 – Morristown, NJ

“It was an amazing experience which the kids could not stop talking about!”Kevin Flores – Maspeth Townhall at P.S. 290 – Ridgewood, NY – November 2018

“Thank you so much for a wonderful show. The children had a terrific time as did their parents who al participated with their own drums!”Carol Punturieri – Jefferson Arts Committee – May 2016 – Jefferson Township, NJ

“A wonderful morning of energetic, engaging, creativity and fun in a musical setting. Every teacher and every child was enthralled from start to finish” Mindy Citera – Bet Torah Nursery School – March 2018 – Mount Kisco, NY

“Musical IQ will ignite your inner possibilities, and bring out the musician in everyone’s hearts! The event was invigorating. Both parents and children loved the atmosphere the instructor provided. They were engaged and intrigued, taking home knowledge that they can share or revisit with love ones. I myself, felt like a big kid! The Bronx YMCA, thanks Musical IQ for such an awesome experience.”
Tasha Marsh – Bronx YMCA – October 2015 – Bronx, NY

“Musical IQ is great experience, not only for our campers, but also for our staff. It’s fun, educational and engaging!!” Yanique Powel – Rye YMCA – February 2014 – Rye, NY

“Very engaging program for the children. The staff was energetic and knowledgeable, they included all the children and made then feel very welcome and excited about what they were going to be a part of.”Joyce Strype – August 2018

“The drumming session was out-of-this-world-amazing!!! The smile on the kids’ faces were indescribable!!”Hamaspik of Rockland County – August 2018

“Musical IQ is a fantastic idea to get an event moving and energized. Great combination of fun, learning and cooperation. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”
Mitchell Kessler – Spring Lake Day Camp – June 2015 – Ringwood, NJ

“Thanks sooooo much for giving our children an awesome time, once again! It is amazing how Musical IQ is so custom made for our children! Children that can’t sit still for a minute sit and are captivated throughout the entire activity.
Thanks you so much for this out of the box specialty that is able to being happiness to our children! You did it again!”Perry Binet – Camp Menuchae -July 2014 – Narrowsburg, NY

“The (Drum Tales) Lion King of Africa is an amazing interactive drumming program for kids of all ages! Our school children ranged from ages 2 – 13 and every one of them was completely entertained and mesmerized by the drumming, storytelling and charisma of the entertainers! These guys are fabulous!! A definite must at parties, school programs and other events.” Cathy Dietze – McGinn Elementary School – October 2009 – Scotch Plains, NJ

“Every Summer the children look forward to what Musical IQ has to offer. It is a great program and the children are always engaged. They left this program with the biggest smiles on their faces. We will be coming back year after year, summer after summer!”
Jonathan Simmonds – Piscataway Summer Camp – July 2015

“My daughter got off the school bus one afternoon jumping for joy: “Mommy, this was the best day ever! We had djembe drums!” She was as excited as I’ve ever seen her all the way home from the bus stop. Later that evening when she was in bed, she suddenly said, “maybe I could stay in kindergarten next year.” After a pause, she said, “oh, no, it’s okay: the first graders came to the djembe drummers, too”. She was actually contemplating repeating kindergarten in order to have this experience again. Now that I have seen the program, I understand why she felt that way.”
Emily Shapiro – Parent at Carmel Academy and host of private birthday program- Grenwhich, CT – April 2015

“Our learners were fully engaged and had a great time participating… The program was highly entertaining.”
Liz Rolle – Congregation Beth El – December 2015 – Fairfield, CT

“This was a great program (Drum Orchestra) to use with college students – it loosened them up and helped build a safe space for our group.” Shana Zionts – Columbia University/Barnard Collage – September 2014 – New York, NY

“Musical IQ not only brings the arts to life, they bring people together. it was a time of connection, unity, and community building. The participants were drumming, smiling, laughing, and fully involved. keep up the wonderful work guys, it was awesome!”
Baron Whitfield -Star lake camp – August 2012 – Bloomingdale, NJ

“Integrated, involved, connected and engaged! They were wonderful!”
Jodie Siff – RSNS of the North Shore – Plandome, NY

“All of our campers really, really loved the drumming show & the performer was excellent with our campers.”
Aly Platkin – Harbor Haven Day Camp – July 2014 – West Orange, NJ

“Musical IQ is a community of positive, caring people who are in the business not only of teaching music but of transforming lives. I just wanted to thank you so much for giving my daughter such an incredible life experience that will last a lifetime. I know how much extra planning and work goes into a course like this, and I wanted you to know that she learned so much, loved all that she saw, has incredible memories from the course, enjoyed being a dancer & music star , and has broadened her life view as a result. Thank you for being so committed to impacting these young people’s lives in such a positive way. She had a fantastic experience.”
Dr. Maysa Eshmawi ,Mother of Yasmeen Abdelaal – Camper at Asphalt Green Summer Camp – Summer 2014

“Thank you so much for a wonderful program that was enjoyed by all of our campers! In addition, thank you for being so flexible with us when we had a last minute scheduling change that altered the times of our scheduled performances.”
Kathleen Farley – Scarsdale Parks and Recreation – Summer 2014 – Scarsdale, NY

“We LOVED our Musical IQ residency program. The kids are still talking about it and the parents were delighted to visit and see what their kids were raving about. The staff enjoyed your professional development sessions as well…. and look forward to using the strategies in their respective classrooms. It was awesome!!”
Ricki Rubin – HAMC – Spring Semester 2014 – Randolph, NJ

Love, Love, Love! From young to old everyone was involved and it’s a great and fun way for children to learn!
Jody Dicker – Leisure Time Tours – April 2016 – Rye, NY

“Excellent! The Children and Staff Thoroughly Enjoyed the program. The Children were mesmerized. The room was filled with excitement and energy. The children shared their experiences with their parents at pick-up time. They learned so much about rhythm. It was a great experience!”  Sharon Alaimo – Maple Stream Road Preschool – December, 2009 – East Windsor, NJ

“Thanks a lot for this great program! It was amazing, exciting and super engaging for kids and their parents as well.” Bella Morgonskaya – JCC of Staten Island – March 2015 – Staten Island, NY

“It was great!-We are still gettting compliments about it. It was Organized, enjoyable and interactive for all age kids!!” Frame Drizin -Chabad of Kings Highway – May 2016 – Kings Highway, NY

“The program was beyond spectacular!! Our day camp staff orientation began with a Musical IQ drumming program. Thanks to the creativity and talents of Shmueli, 60 strangers learned to speak through music and listen to each other, as well. The awkwardness of the newness was replaced with a sense of confidence and community… and the fun began. The energy lasted all summer long!” Julie Rockowitz – Beth El Day Camp – March 2014 – New Rochelle

“To those who brought life to the Uniting Conference – thank you. We left for the lunch hour with some anxiety and uneasiness, we returned to your life giving music and the afternoon went exceedingly well. I look forward to participating in another one of your events.Thank you for your understanding and your genius!”  Upper New York Area United Conference – United Methodist Church – Christine Doran – Executive Assistant to the Bishop

“Musical IQ is an exhilarating program which brings people together and makes them feel as a community sharing music and stories! It’s amazing how well you could hold attention and rhythm with 50 children with such grace and ease.”
Regina Katz – Marks JCH of Bensonhurst – May 2014 – South Kent CT

“Our school has often invited Musical IQ to introduce the preschoolers to the wonder and joy of making music. Time after time, year after year, Musical IQ has consistently brought to us exciting programs led by charming, knowledgeable storytellers who seamlessly weave together rhythm and words. The children LOVED the interactive experience, especially the ability to have their very own drum.”
Carol Paster Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel – Summer 2015 – South Orange, NJ

“Musical IQ was a pleasure and treat to have at camp, especially during a rainy day (not planned)… The campers had a great time! The program was something they had never seen before at camp or maybe even outside of camp…They were all very engaged and excited to be there. Musical IQ are there to provide a quality musical experience for the kids and deliver!”
Mike Jennings – Woodmont Day Camp – Summer 2010 – New City, NY

“The kids had a blast, and during our end-of-week recap many of the campers said Musical IQ was their highlight of the week! I think the Musical IQ workshop is great for campers, I was shocked with how quickly the campers immediately tuned in once the drumming started. They hung on to every beat and word coming from the presenters! I would definitely love to bring you guys back summer after summer to continue working with our campers!” Ari Paskoff – JCC in Manhattan Day Camp at Pearl River – July 2014 – Pearl River, NY

“I loved this workshop! What a great way to inspire community building!” – Program Participant Tri-State Camp Conference 2010 – Atlantic City, NJ

“Thank you Musical IQ for a wonderful series of performances. The campers all enjoyed the story and the drumming was great!” Breezy Point Day Camp – July, 2012 – Feasterville Trevose, PA

“Musical IQ was an amazing program! The children and staff loved it. By the mere fact that all retained the information that you exposed them to, is a credit to you, your staff and your program.”  Yosifa – Camp Ashreinu – Summer 2008  Teaneck, NJ

“Thank you so much for working with us. We love your show and look forward to it every year.” Victoria Tirone – South Brunswick YMCA – South Brunswick, NJ

“This was something new and exciting. Something the kids have never done before… A great way to expose music and culture to kids” Staci – Barnegat Township Recreation Center – Summer Camp 2010 – Barnegat, NJ

“The program was a big hit! The children were engaged and our guests were mesmerized. It was a very special day here at IBECC. Thank you for making it so.”Rachelle Zomick – Iris Berman Early Childhood – Livingston, NJ

“Great fun, and even I can do it!”Program Participant – Tri-State Camp Conference 2010 – Atlantic City, NJ

“We just had a drum circle for the third year with our camp staff as an ice-breaker, and it was an amazing success once again…The energy that filled the room during the drum circle was indescribable… The girls had such a great time and there was a strong feeling of team-work & unity. It truly was a great ice breaker and we were so lucky to see the results from the minute it was over. Thank you for giving our staff what we could not have. Keep making people happy & may you see success in every one of your performances!” CGI Kensington – Summer 2009

“The program this year was great! Reese (Musical IQ facilitator) was unbelievable!! He really connected to the children, created wonderful stories that tickled their imaginations, and taught them the proper lingo. Thank you for such a wonderful program and we look forward to seeing you back again next summer.”  Yosifa – Camp Ashreinu – Summer 2009 – Teaneck, NJ

“Thank you – thank you – thank you – for making our festival all the more amazing and successful! I walked into the office today and received amazing feedback about the drum circle, your manner with the children, and the general vibe it created. I knew that you would be great all along!… Programs Manager – The 92nd Street Y – New York, NY

“Truly, it was just perfect! I invited Musical IQ to run a drum circle at my graduation party, and I’m so glad that I did! They were professional every step of the way, and incredibly flexible and accommodating in meeting my sometimes out-there requests and frequently changing logistics. Seikou, who led the circle, brought such great energy to the event. My guests have been calling since the party to tell me what a great time they had. Everyone from children to grandparents loved the drumming, and kept commenting that this was the coolest party they had ever been to. Score! Thanks Musical IQ for helping me make this day just perfect – you guys rock.”Shira Berkovits – Graduation Party – May 2014

I have not stopped telling people about your incredible program at SAR last week. As a teacher and a parent, I was truly amazed by the energy and creativity you brought to our celebration”Beth Pepper – Associate Principal – SAR – Riverdale NY.

“Very interactive and the guys were great…..campers had a lot of fun.” Hillary Southard – Rye YMCA Camp – Summer 2014

“Engaging and exciting program!” Daniel Eisenberg – Camp HASC – July 2016 – Parksville, NY

“We had a FABULOUS time yesterday! Our families were so pleased with them. This is the third time we have invited you out for a performance and each time it has been TERRIFIC! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for continuing to warm the hearts of all ages!”  Rebecca Elkus – Assistant Director of Education/Youth & Family Programming – Habonim – February 2010 – New York, NY

“Your performance was great and extremely effective in building group bonding! Everyone had a wonderful time. We would love to have you again.”  Julie Rockowitz – Beth El Synagogue Center, New Rochelle, NY

“The spirit and enthusiasm that the drummers convey is infectious. I recommend this program to any organization looking for an innovative, fun and inspirational program. Our students loved the program. The program had a universal appeal.” Joy Werner – Programs Director – Stony Brook University – Stoney Brook, NY.

“Just wanted to let you know that the drum circle at our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was a huge hit!! The facilitator was incredible- full of energy and LOTS of patience.”  David Sputz – Father

“The program for our families with kids age 2-5 was spectacular. The drumming leaders were amazing with the children and kept their attention and allowed for lots of interactive participation. The kids and parents were rapt and very, very happy!”Valerie Lieber – Kane Street Synagogue – October 2017

“It was fantastic! Matthew and his friends had a blast! Thank you”  Shari Caspert – Birthday Party

“I just wanted to thank you so much for making my son’s birthday party a success! All the kids (even the biggest ones had a blast) The musician was great!” Lisa – 5 year old Birthday Party

Everybody enjoyed how interactive the program was. Music is an especially engaging tool for children in general, and for children with special needs in particular, so this program was perfect for our audience!Chay Grenwald – OHEL Bais Ezra ‘Sibshops’ – Brooklyn, NY – April 2015

“You had to see the delight on the childrens’ faces! They thoroughly enjoyed then program. Thank you for enhancing our son Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah! It was really great!” Haim – Father

“Extremely interactive. Well geared toward the participants involved. Loved the party!”Cindy Gold – Mother of Birthday Girl after Bday Party program

“It wrapped up our ending event in a very upbeat and unified way- the unanimous feedback from all participants was that the drumming was excellent and we should further develop how to bring that into the program next year. Thank you!!” Shayna Gopin – Friendship Circle Greater Hartford – May 2016

“One of the children said to me today ‘I wish you could stay here for a hundred thousand million years!’ It has been an absolute pleasure working with you… and most importantly to see the children excited about making music together.”Malka Lowenstein – Park Avenue Synagogue – New York, NY

“We had a FABULOUS time yesterday! Our families were so pleased with them. This is the third time we have invited you out for a performance and each time it has been TERRIFIC! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for continuing to warm the hearts of all ages!”  Rebecca Elkus- Assistant Director of Education/Youth & Family Programming – Habonim – February 2010, New York, NY