School Programs:

Designed to make learning fun!

We are passionate about people and we are passionate about music and its ability to reach people in a big way. We believe in the power of music as an outlet for outward self expression, but also as a tool for learning and discovery. Musical IQ programs employ a hands-on and interactive approach and are based on the principles of experiential education.

Curiosity drives the learning!

Beneath the excitement, busyness, and often high energy activity in children, there is a natural interest and curiosity about the world we live in and the life we live. In fact, this curiosity and interest is a force so powerful, it motivates the sharpening of skill sets and talent, it drives innovation and expands the frontiers of the world as we know it. It influences how the world evolves and the shape of our reality over time. Musical IQ school programs harness the students natural drive to learn, by providing rich interactive learning opportunities which are both fun and engaging.

Interactive, hands-on and engaging!

Our programs are designed with our students in mind and are built to meet each age group at the optimal point of traction in the learning process. They are age appropriate and adapted to best fit your group or assembly. Our program curricula includes:

  • Musical skills development
  • Musical culture (geography, history, multiculturalism)
  • An experience of the creative process and being a part of the making of a new musical creation
  • Self reflection and discovery
  • An experiential learning process which is more naturally integrated than conventional study
  • An experience of community, teamwork and leadership and a tangible example of powerful collaboration.

We have programs for: ECC & kindergarden, elementary school, high school, after school and beyond. 

Learn more about our school assemblies, classroom workshops and residency programs. See our programs menu above.


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