Mondetta Explosive Performance:

Mondetta, which means ‘Small World’, is a high energy performance which brings together musical and rhythmic influences from around the world and facilitates an interactive show which is energizing and inspiring. Each member of the Mondetta team provides a unique and rich sound to the bands overall tapestry of musical influences.

Mondetta can accommodate a school wide program and cater to large groups. This is a show which will encourage active audience participation and bring out your groove and creative spirit. Whether it be calling up volunteers, assigning roles to soloists or using body percussion (stomping and clapping), we always make sure to get the audience involved during this captivating program.

Whether it be around a large outdoor campfire, conference room, inside the gym or social hall, this is a great program choice and a powerful experience which will surely be a highlight of your event.

The Mondetta Performance is also a great complement to other Musical IQ programs.

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