Drum Tales For You – Custom Themes

Drum tales is now offering an exciting way to customize our programs to match your camps theme of the week. Whether it be themed to Under the sea“, “Jungle Adventures”, or “The Big City or other theme, we are here to help bring your theme to life.
Common program themes include:
  1. Around the World
  2. Under The Sea
  3. Super Heros
  4. Jungle Adventures
Since the beginning of time, people worldwide have drummed in groups to tell their stories and to create and strengthen community bonds. Drumming has also been used to heal and to rejuvenate and invigorate minds and bodies, enhance focus and clarity of purpose, acknowledge and celebrate important events and to just simply have fun together… to celebrate the joy of life!
We’d be delighted to hear about your program ideas and work with you to develop your vision. For further information: Contact Us.