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In our residency programs, we focus both on inspiration and on integration. Our residency curricula are designed to develop a deep understanding of the program content as well as to develop the skills to be able to integrate and internalize music making skill sets.

  • Drumming: In this program we will take a deeper look into the world of African music and rhythm.  We will learn about an incredible world of percussive music which lies central to musical culture of the African continent.  From births to funerals, coming of age ceremonies, rites of passage, or celebrations, these musical qualities are there to mark the significance of the occasion. Additionally, we will learn how much this musical pulse has impacted the world at large – as we trace some of the trends of musical development as they spread around the world. Best of all we will get to play an assortment of African musical instruments from acorss the continent.


  • Small World Workshop: In this program, we will take a journey around the world to explore the tapestry of unique musical expressions. During this program we will encounter various different musical backgrounds, genres (classical, contemporary, pop, jazz), and instruments and we will get a taste of music as it has evolved in different places. Indeed we will experience the wonder of the universal language – music – in all of its colorful variety.


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Drum Circle