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Musical IQ – It’s in your hands!

It is a universal language that is understood by people on every continent, all over the world, making a profound impact on all who hear it. A persistent energy that envelops and enthralls us from the earliest moments of our lives, music is an essential force that resonates deep within us. An outward expression of joy, hope and even despair, music gives us the ability to share our most profound emotions, yet it also has the ability to touch our very core, to inspire us to deep inward reflection and self-discovery.

Musical IQ offers unique educational and entertainment programs, incorporating music, rhythm and
drumming, storytelling and song. Every year since our beginning in the New York Spring of 2006, Musical IQ has been educating and entertaining tens of thousand of students and people of all ages.

In contrast to the paradigm that music is designated to a select few who are blessed with musical ability, we believe that music is a natural part of life and is universally accessible. Our programs use music and rhythm to give participants a palpable taste of the creative process and to create the space for them to explore and discover the possibilities which music can open up for them.

We champion that each of us is endowed with unique strengths and talents, and that with the assistance of live interactive music and drumming, we can explore both the diversity and beauty of the world around us and the role that we are meant to play in it.

Our programs are interactive, hand’s-on and age-appropriate and are adapted to meet the needs of a variety of different learning contexts,  including:

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